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Finally was able to read the SouRin interview from the Volume 2 DVD (thank you for finding the scan, godatekou!) SOUSUKE IS SO CUTE IN THIS GAH!Character Interview Vol. 2Rin X Sousuke
Today from the Samezuka Academy we have Rin Matsuoka and Sousuke Yamazaki-kun joining us.
Rin: Thank you for having us here.Sousuke: Glad to be here.
All right then, first please introduce yourselves.
Rin: I’m Rin Matsuoka, a third year at Samezuka Academy and also captain of the swim team.Sousuke: I’m Sousuke Yamazaki, same as Rin, 3rd year, swim team.Rin: …..Wasn’t that bit too brief…?Sousuke: Is there anything else I need to introduce?
…Okay then first, please tell us how the two of you met!
Rin: When we were in Elementary School we ended up in the same class so I took an interest in him I guess…Sousuke: Also our houses were very close so we thought we would be able to play together as wellRin: That’s right. The fact that we were in the same swimming club also played a large role.
Sousuke-kun transferred from a high school in Tokyo right?
Sousuke: Yup.Rin: Yeah, this guy right here didn’t even tell me he was coming.Sousuke: Sooner or later we’d still meet at the school, so I didn’t feel the need to tell you.Rin: Well…I guess that’s very…you…
Moving on, we’d like to introduce a theme to talk about for the two of you.
Rin: A…theme? I have a bad feeling about this…
Think of it as a free talk— stuff related to the theme, so we’re preparing it right now.
Sousuke: Did the other guys have to do this too?
Yes, of course!
Rin: If that’s the case then I guess we just gotta do it…Sousuke: Okay, what’s the theme then?
The theme for you two is “What would you be doing if you were not part of the Swim Team…?”
Sousuke: What the. That’s a totally normal theme…Rin: It’s okay. Normal is good.
So then, would you be doing something sports-related instead of swimming?
Rin: I’ve never thought about it…Sousuke: Rin would be good at soccer, wouldn’t you? You’re pretty good at it…Rin: I wouldn’t say I’m good at it, but I’d definitely choose it over something like baseball or whatever.Sousuke: Rin is good at sports that involve using his feet.Rin: Seems like rugby would fit Sousuke pretty wellSousuke: Are you implying that my body is too big?Rin: Well, you’d have a lot of power. Besides, you’re not really good at details so something with a bunch of rules would be impossible for you.Sousuke: Shaddap~Rin: Haha~Sousuke: Rin skateboards sometimes though.Rin: Ah, yes but would you even call that sports? Anyway, what WOULD you do?Sousuke: I’d do whatever you’re doing ‘cause anything else would be too troublesome.Rin: Hey, answer properly! Don’t just ignore the interview! But then again…Sousuke: Yeah you’re right…Rin & Sousuke (at the same time): I haven’t really thought of anything besides swimming…
So then if you didn’t do sports, what would you do?
Sousuke: What about music? Rin has a lot of CDs.Rin: Yeah, I often listen to music overseas [a/n: mostly refers to American bands, singers, etc.]. I listened to a lot of foreign music when I started out studying English. Although I like listening to music I don’t think I’d be able to play an instrument.Sousuke: Then why don’t you be the vocals?Rin: Hm…but it’s kinda difficult. Hey, why am I the only one answering? What about your answers? Instruments…what would you play?Sousuke: Ah well…having to move about with the instruments is kind of well…Rin: Then how about drums? It actually fits you!Sousuke: Well, I have played the arcade version of it before but…Rin: Hey show me next time! Seems pretty interesting!Sousuke: Okay sure, but my score isn’t really that great though…
Do you think you would both be able to perform well (with music?)
Rin: Probably averageSousuke: Same.Rin: LiarSousuke: ……maybe lower than averageRin: Yeah music is pretty much impossible for me.Sousuke: Yup.
(laughs) Thank you very much. Since you’re still here, we would like to talk about your kouhais, Aiichiro Nitori and Momotaro Mikoshiba.
Rin: Actually, Ai’s specialty used to be free, but because he wanted to be in the medley, he decided to swim breast stroke and tried really hard to do so. He really tried his best!Sousuke: Even though his time is still not that great, I’m sure he has the drive to push forward.Rin: As for Momo he’s kind of inconsistent but…Sousuke: He has his good times and bad times I guess…Rin: Yeah, but when he puts his effort he is really strong but sometimes during practice it just doesn’t show, having him have an entry into matches is kind of a gamble sometimes.Sousuke: Well, if you put it that way, you should be in charge of watching him, Mr. Captain.Rin: Hey, shut up. Well, even though the two are complete opposites, after they started rooming together they for some reason make a good combination.Sousuke: Yesterday when I checked out their room it was ridiculously messy.Rin: UGH! THOSE TWO!!!!!
What do you think of Nitori-kun and Momotarou-kun?
Rin: Kouhais that are a handful!Sousuke: They’re definitely a noisy bunch.Rin: Yeah but you don’t know what they could be capable of from here on out. I look forward to it.Sousuke: Yeah, that’s right.
So then, what do you think of the Iwatobi Swim Club?
Rin: They’re my friends but also rivals I guess. Truthfully, we help each other do our best.Sousuke: I don’t really plan to accustom myself with them, but if they help bring out a good swim, then I guess that’s all right.Rin: Yeah, that’s right!
Do you have a message for the Iwatobi Swim Club?
Rin: Let’s meet up at the next match!Sousuke: Well, do your best I guess…
Thank you for the cool message. Let’s hear some messages for Nitori-kun and Momotarou-kun. Let’s start with Ai.
Rin: Ai, you have a very earnest attitude and that’s your strong point. Have more confidence in yourself. And for god’s sake clean up after yourself!Sousuke: I don’t really have anything I want to say since we see each other everyday at swim practice but…look after your own condition while you swim!
Thank you very much. Next, how about a message for Momotarou-kun?
Rin: Momo, I know you have something special, so I hope you can use it to your advantage. Also, don’t always throw weird stuff away. And also…uh…..don’t get too close to Gou.Sousuke: Oh? You’re worried about that?Rin: Shut up! Anyway, get rid of your inconsistency and swim with just your tension!Sousuke: If your swimming has inconsistency, it means that you’re not concentrated enough. First calm down and then do as you remember.Rin: Hahaha, that’s kind of harsh…Sousuke: They’re just honest words.Rin: Well…anyway, I look forward to working with the two of you! Let’s do the best we can together!
Thank you very much. Lastly, please give a message to those who are reading this interview!
Rin: That’s right…from here on out I want to work my best by making my dream as well as making the best swim team possible come true. Since summer just started, I want to train and practice harder than ever without holding back. If what we do is able to resound in even one person, I’d be really happy. Sorry if this interview got kind of boring, but I look forward to your continued support from here on out!Sousuke: Me too. Right now it’s just swimming. Although there’s a lot of stuff I still want to seize, for now in this place and time, I’ll do whatever I can. That’s all I have.
You guys both seem very determined!
Rin: Well, I guess huh.Sousuke: Yeah, I guess so.
Thank you very much!
Pic 1:The climax of the rock paper scissors match!
Sousuke: The top bunk is so tedious.Rin: Yeah I feel the same way.
The result—
Rin: All right, I win! Sousuke’s really bad at rock paper scissors.Sousuke: Shut up. I lose on purpose, you know!Rin: Liar (laughs)
Pic 2:What happened to Momotarou-kun after he ate that cookie?Rin: He started crying but that’s a different story.Sousuke: Isn’t it because you didn’t tell him the reason…?Rin: No that’s not it! He just mistaken it on his own!Sousuke: Why don’t you ask Gou to make some cookies next time for him?Rin: You’re such a softy.Sousuke: Better than having someone crying in their own room.Rin: Shut up…that was…Sousuke: Please excuse me for that then.
Pic 3:Gou-san checked everyone’s lunch boxes at Iwatobi High School
Sousuke: That seems pretty harsh…Rin: I guess if she’s concerned then she’s just that kind of concerned type…Sousuke: Does Gou even know what nutritional balance really is?Rin: Do you think she would?Sousuke: Not at all…
Maybe it’s something like Momotarou-kun’s interest in finding stag beetles…?
Rin: In that case, he’s just like an elementary school kid.Sousuke: Yeah, an elementary school kid. Why don’t you go with him next time and gather some stag beetles.Rin (in english): No thank you![Notes]I am SO HAPPY we finally get canon confirmation that:1) Sousuke purposely loses at rock paper scissors2) Rin skateboards now and then3) Sousuke is so socially awkward with everyone besides Rin lol. His answers were basically copies of what Rin said.Also, Sousuke saying he would do whatever Rin would be doing if they weren’t swimming breaks my heart boy is too in love


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